Where to Buy Gas and Alternative Fuels

Better World Club

Environmentally Friendly Gas Stations

     If you’re looking for Environmentally Friendly Gas Stations look at these links. If you can figure it out, you’re smarter than me. If you can’t you might try buying gas close to home to support your local economy.
     •  Responsible Shopper – Gas & Oil Companies

     •  Sierra Club
     •  Nation Master Encyclopedia’s list of Gas Stations to see who owns whom.
     •  McSpotLight
     •  Better World Handbook
     •  Idea Socket Gas Companies Compared

Cheapest Gas

     If you’re looking for the cheapest places to buy gas, try the following links. At some, you can also add gas station brand to the list to add in your environmental choice.
     •  Gas Buddy
     •  Gas Price Watch
     •  Fuel Me Up
     •  Fuel Economy.gov
     •  Mileage Calculator & Comparison
     •  Carless Calculator – How much can you save by going carless?
     •  Consumer Reports.org – Fuel Saving Tips

Alternative Fuels

     •  Alternative Fuels Data Center
     •  Biodiesel – Where to Buy
     •  Biodiesel definition by WVO Designs

Alternative Vehicles

     •  Princess Tiger Lily Commuter Idea and Alternative Vehicles

Ride Share

     •  Alternet Rides – Lists others in your area wanting to rideshare. Also has a calculator to figure your savings if you rideshare.
     •  Best Workplaces for Commuters.

Mileage Calculator & Comparison

     On the Your Car line, Odometer Start and End are Required. Gallons is Required. Enter either Price per Gal or Amount Spent. % Hwy Driving defaults to 100 if you enter nothing. Enter 0 for % Hwy Driving for 100% City Driving. Optionally enter Approx Car Purchase Price. On the Your Dream Car line, optionally enter City and Hwy Mileages, and Approx Purchase Price. Click the Compute button.
     Your Car City Mileage is assumed to be 7 mpg less than Your Car Hwy Mileage. MPG listed for other cars is for Automatic Transmission when available. Manual Transmissions get better mileage.
Odometer Start Odometer End Miles Gallons of Gas Price per Gal Amount Spent % Hwy Driving City Mileage Hwy Mileage Your Mileage Approx Car Purchase Price
Your Car
Your Dream Car
Kia Rio 26 33 30 $11K
Cooper Mini 28 37 33 $17K
Scion xA 32 38 35 $14K
VW Beetle Diesel 36 42 39 $17K
VW Golf Diesel 32 43 38 $17K
VW Jetta Diesel 32 43 38 $18K
Toyota Echo 35 43 39 $12K
Honda Civic Hybrid 48 47 48 $20K
Toyota Prius 60 51 56 $20K
Honda Insight Hybrid 57 56 57 $21K
     Chevy Hybrid Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrid both get 18 mpg city, 20 mpg hwy. Look for the following hybrid vehicles to be available soon - Ford Escape, Saturn Vue, Chevy Malibu/Equinox, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon, GMC Full Size Pickups, Honda Accord, Lexus RX400 Hybrid SUV, Toyota Highlander. See Hybrid News for more information.

How Much Could You Save if You Didn’t Have a Car?

     Have you ever dreamt about being car-free? Not having to fill up at least once/week. Not having to pay car insurance or the fees for Drivers License and Car tags. Not having to pay car maintenance? Saving the environment?
     This calculator will tell you how much you can put in your pocket if you give up your car(s).
     You may decide to give up driving altogether, or you may want to keep your driver’s license and occasionally rent a car or participate in car sharing. You may also want to occasionally rent a truck for hauling. If you’re going to give up your driver’s license enter the amount you currently pay for that and enter the amount an ID would cost you. If you’re not going to give up your driver’s license, enter 0 for both those amounts. Likewise, enter 0 for Bike Cost is you’re not going to buy a bike, 0 for Rideshare if you’re not going to participate in that, etc.
     Change the amounts in the table below to fit your situation, then click I Save to see how much you save per year.
Car Costs$Carless Costs$
Monthly Gas Costs
Car DownpaymentBike Cost
Monthly Car Payment
Car Trade-in Value
Car Replaced every N yearsReplace Bike every N years
Semi-Annual Car Insurance PaymentAnnual Bike Gear Cost - Clothes, Helmet, Water Bottle
Avg Car Maintenance AmtBus Pass Cost per Year
Times Car Maintained per YearRideshare / Vanpool / ZipCar Cost per Year including Gas if any
Annual Autoclub FeeAnnual Bike Club Fee and Maintenance Costs
Drivers License Renewal FeeID Renewal Fee
Drivers License Renewed every N yearsID Renewed every N years
Car License Annual Renewal FeeOccasional Car Rental Amt / Year including Gas
Emissions Inspection Annual FeeOccasional Truck / Van Rental Amt / Year including Gas
Car Wash Amt / YearBike Wash Amt / Year
Other Annual FeeOther Transportation Costs - Skateboard, Bike lessons, etc. / Year
Total Car Costs13835Total Carless Costs2874
  $10961 per year