If you’ve searched the web for telecommuting opportunities, you know that most so-called opportunities are fronts for MLM work, and most (like MLM work), don’t pay diddly-squat. Other so-called opportunities are just scams or ways to try and get you to pay to work.
     Rather than trying to provide you links to websites offering legitimate telework opportunities, I’ll provide you with links to the experts so that you can learn more about telecommuting. Then if we all promote telecommuting where and when we can, then perhaps eventually most of the world will telework, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of telecommuting.

Gil Gordon Associates – Experts in the implementation of telecommuting and telework.

International Telework Association & Council – ITAC

U.S. Office of Personnel Management – Among other things, this site lists several reasons for telecommuting

The American Telecommuting Association

Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education – MITE – Telecommuting & Telework Resources

Quantum Leap 4 Work

Quantum Leap 4 Work Social Network Telecommute Jobs

The Spruce – Work at Home Jobs Directory

Virtual Meeting

an Idea Whose Time Has Come

     It’s time for another meeting! Where is it? Will I get there in time? What’s the agenda? Am I taking enough notes with me to the meeting? Will everyone else be able to make it? How will we keep the meeting on track? And most importantly, what will I do if I get bored?
     If you find yourself asking these and other questions about meetings, it’s time you took a good look at Virtual Meeting (VM)! VM combines all the hardware and software you need to hold your next meeting in Cyberspace, or as we here at VM refer to it – VirtualSpace. You can purchase the entire suite of VM or individual components to integrate with your existing hardware and software.
     With VM, all meeting attendees are connected over the internet. With the Digital Mini-Cam on top of your PC, the Phone Headset and Internet Phone Software, it’s like holding a tele-video conference, but much, much more! Now you don’t have to go to meetings, they can come to you, no matter how small your work area! VM also gives you the tools you need to hold an effective meeting! With the conference room designer software, the meeting facilitator can design the layout of the Virtual Conference Room, complete with tables, chairs, windows, and mood lights. As each attendee logs in, everyone will see them take his or her place at the table. The Virtual Conference Room can also be set up as a lecture hall, complete with podium and lavaliere mic. If you find out everyone else has dressed up for this meeting, no problem, just click a button before you login and everyone else sees you in your best (or better), complete with Red Power Tie or Blazer.
     The VM graphic artist’s tablet allows you to simulate a white board discussion. Everyone can participate at the whiteboard. If you’re a doodler, just click a button and the graphic artist’s tablet becomes a doodle pad. You can save your doodles or erase them when you’re done, just be sure to click the button before you start. Need overheads, no problem with VM. Just click the slide-show button. Use the screen pen as a laser pointer. The slide show uses existing documents and graphics or those your create with VM’s own Docu-Graphi-Matic.
     To make your meetings more effective, VM keeps track of the agenda right before your eyes. The meeting facilitator can tick off each agenda item as it’s done. If you only need to attend part of the meeting, you can have VM notify you as soon as the previous item has been ticked off. VM’s Time Keeper notifies you if the time runs over on an agenda item. All attendees can immediately vote whether or not to continue this topic. Attendees can have weighted votes. The facilitator also has veto authority, and since it’s now politically correct, line-item veto authority. VM’s Task Tracker Voice Recognition Software, can listen in on a discussion, and notify the attendees when it thinks they’re getting off-track. VM notifications can be set to red flashing lights, a screaming siren, or simply a Window’s Message or a beep. Notifications can be set to any picture or sound you have on file or a combination. This Intelligent Software can also tick off each agenda item, so the facilitator doesn’t have to.
     Need notes for the meeting? Just use VM’s Task Manager to switch to those notes. The conference room will remain in it's own mini-window. To everyone else, it will look as though you just pulled them out of your briefcase and set them out on the table in front of you. You can also have VM import your notes for all to see.
     And, finally, what to do if you get bored? Just click the right mouse button, and a whole list of options appears. For starts, put Groucho Marx glasses on all the attendees. Still bored, play 3D Tic-Tac-Toe on the Conference Whiteboard. Let a mouse loose in the conference room and watch all the participants shriek and climb onto their chairs. Put smiles on everyone. Watch, as you take years and pounds off. See everyone jump through the facilitator’s hoops. And if you’re still bored, turn the Virtual Conference Room into a disco, complete with strobe lights and music. Now, what’s this, everyone’s attending a Hawaiian Luau instead. Or, while you’re on the Internet, surf it! Or just surf some waves instead – who has time for golf anyway?

by Dale Stubbart