Escape from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

     Is there an escape from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)? We lived with MCS for 20 years believing that short of a miracle, there was no escape from MCS. The best you could do was escape from society, get as healthy as possible, and suffer as few chemical exposures as possible. We lived with MCS for a few more years and started to believe that escape from MCS is possible. If there is an escape from MCS, we’ll never go back to a life that is filled with chemicals. We’ll still avoid chemicals as much as possible. But, perhaps we won’t have to avoid others who are exposed to them.
     If there is an escape from MCS, it is not a cure. A cure would be a wonder-drug. Escaping from MCS appears to be a way of life from the resources below. We’ve now come to believe that the best way to escape MCS is to live your true purpose. We offer to help you Follow the WIND to live your true purpose. More information is at Yellow Bear Journeys. We hope you find an escape. We offer this resource directory of non-toxic and fragrances-free resources, since even if you do escape from Chemical Sensitivities, you’ll still want to support a less-toxic world. It’s healthier for the planet and all its inhabitants, especially you.

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