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If you are looking for Tatami, try Mats.
If you are looking for Molding, try Poles.
If you are looking for Panels or Dividers, try Screens.
Bamboo Plywood is also referred to as Plyboo and Bambooply.
Bamboo Poles are also referred to as Canes.
Bamboo is a grass.
If you are allergic to grass, you might be allergic to bamboo.
Regarding pre-sealed bamboo, can you tolerate the sealer, or would it be better to have it sealed off-site where it can out-gas away from you?

Soul Poles

Panda Bamboo Plantation Shutters Callaloo
Pearl River Yucatan Bamboo Tatami Room Matchstick Blinds
Butler Bamboo Bamboo4Sale Cherry Blossom Gardens Master Garden Products
Bamboo Giant Bamboo Gardener Bamboo Maui Bamboo Hardwoods
Eco Designz Bamboo Craftsman Yucatan Bamboo
Teragren Prolex Flooring Organic Grace Panda Bamboo
iFloor Safari Thatch Smith & Fong GreenWood
Bamboo Maui Boen Bamboo Hardwoods
Bamboo Habitat Jade Mountain Bamboo Bamboo Craftsman
Yucatan Bamboo Anji Xinyuan Bamboo Products Eco Designz Master Garden Products
Pearl River Elephant House Original Bamboo Factory
Bamboo Giant Bamboo Maui Bamboo Hardwoods
Bamboo4Sale Totally Bamboo Bamboo Craftsman
Bamboo4Sale Bamboo Hardwoods Bamboo Giant Callaloo
Pearl River
Bamboo Hardwoods Bamboo Craftsman
Kitchen Accessories
Totally Bamboo The Bamboo Guys Core Bamboo Mountain Woods
Succah Natural Area Rugs Leiters Sukkah
Bamboo and Tatami Room Pearl River
Bamboo4Sale Bamboo Habitat Bamboo Craftsman
Paneling/Wall Coverings
Smith & Fong Zen Bamboo Yucatan Bamboo – Click on Bricks
Prolex Flooring Bamboo Maui Bamboo Habitat
Smith & Fong Bamboo Maui Bamboo Craftsman
Callaloo Bamboo Hardwoods Leiters Sukkah Bamboo and
Safari Thatch Butler Bamboo Bamboo Giant
Bamboo Maui Bamboo4Sale Bamboo Gardener
Bamboo Branch Bamboo Gardens of WA Bamboo Habitat Jade Mountain Bamboo
Lewis Bamboo Bamboo Craftsman Yucatan Bamboo
The Sukkot Project Bamboo Habitat
Pearl River Bamboo Gardener Bamboo Craftsman
Shopping Bags
Pearl River
Bamboo Building
The Paper Umbrella Pearl River