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This Clothing Directory features stores which focus on environmentally friendly fabrics. Most of the stores are small, family run. We only feature stores which carry consistent multiple lines of clothing. This is a hand maintained directory.

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Material / Fabric / Fiber: For Sale (Organic Cotton unless stated otherwise)
PM OrganicsOrganic Cotton, Hemp, Yak, Tencel, Wool Organic Cotton PlusOrganic Cotton, Hemp, Silk, Flax Fox-Rich RawganiqueHemp, Linen
Pick Natural Organic Cotton, Hemp, Organic Linen, Silk, Bamboo, Tencel/Lyocell, Soy, Wool, Yak Wild Rose Farm Peru Naturtex Partners – Wholesale Indika – Upholstery Fabric Organic Cotton, Hemp, Flax, Silk
Aurora SilkOrganic Cotton, Silk, Hemp Enviro TextileHemp Put It Together LLC – Upholstery & Regular – Organic Cotton, Linen, Silk, Hemp Harmony Art

Yarn: For Sale
Near Sea NaturalsOrganic Cotton, Alpaca, Wool, Hemp, Silk Alpaca Direct Bamboo Clothes Bamboo
Sunrise YarnsOrganic Cotton, Alpaca Hand KnittingOrganic Cotton, Hemp, Linen, Alpaca, Wool, Mohair, Angora, Camel, Silk, Bamboo PaivatarOrganic Cotton, Hemp, Wool
Fabulous YarnAlpaca, Wool, Mohair, Silk The Wool PeddlerSilk, Wool, Alpaca, Banana Lisa KnitWool, Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, Silk Cotton CloudsSilk, Linen, Bamboo
KPixieBamboo, Silk, Alpaca, Wool Aurora SilkSilk, Hemp Hemp for KnittingHemp, Silk The Yarn CompanyAlpaca, Wool, Angora, Cashmere, Silk, Camel, Yak
Enviro TextileHemp Foothills YarnAlpaca, Wool, Silk Hemp BasicsHemp American HempHemp
Southwest Trading CompanyTencel Hip Knits – U.K. – Wool, Silk, Cashmere, Banana Zanzibar Tribal ArtsSilk, Banana EcobutterflyOrganic Cotton Yarn, Bamboo Notions

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Organic Cotton Organic Textile Association
While cotton is natural, the way it’s conventionally grown is not. It is usually harvested by killing it with herbicides first. To find Organic Cotton in Europe, look for bio, kba, okeo (which are all designations for Organic).
Baumwolle – German
Algodon – Spanish
Coton – French
Cotone – Italian
Algadao – Portuguese
Hemp Hemp is usually grown without herbicides or pesticides, since it grows better that way (doesn’t everything?). Some hemp in Europe is certified organic. Industrial Hemp is not a drug. Hanf – German
Canamo – Spanish
Chanvre – French
Canapa – Italian
Maconha – Portuguese
Silk Silk comes from the larvae (worm) of several varieties of moths. In normal silk production, the worm is killed. “Vegetarian”, “Peace”, “Tussah”, “Wild”, or “Thai” silk may not kill the worm in the production of silk. Seide – German
Seda – Spanish / Portuguese
Soie – French
Seta – Italian
Wool Wool comes from various animals, but usually from Sheep. Wool can also come from Goats (Mohair, Cashmere), Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, Guanaco, Rabbits (Angora), Camels, and Yaks. Sheep Wool contains Lanolin. Wool from Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna, Guacano, and most other animals contains little if any Lanolin. Wollen – German
Lanas – Spanish
Laines – French
Lana – Italian
Las – Portuguese
Tencel Tencel comes from wood pulp and is a brand name. Lyocell is the generic term. Tencel is not always sustainably produced.
Linen / Flax Linen comes from the Flax plant. Leinen – German
Lino – Spanish
Toile – French
Tela – Italian
Linho – Portuguese
Bamboo Bamboo is a grass which grows very fast and is usually sustainably harvested. The species of Bamboo which is used for Bamboo fabric is not eaten by Pandas. Although the process for turning bamboo into fiber is similar to that of turning wood into rayon, many manufacturers are now using eco-friendly processes to create the bamboo fabric, rather than the harsh chemical processes used to create rayon. Bambus – German
Bambu – Spanish
Bambou – French
Bambu – Italian
Bambu – Portuguese
Soy Soy comes from Soy Beans. Soy beans, if not organic, are usually heavily pesticided. Common Soy products are Soy Milk, Tofu, and Tempeh. Sojabohnenöl – German
Soja – Spanish
Soja – French
Soia – Italian
Leather / Skin / Hide Leather is usually cured by tanning with chemicals. Leather used to be tanned using tanic acid obtained from tree bark. Look for natural or vegetable tanned leather. Leather usually comes from cows, but can come from other animals. Leder – German
Cuero – Spanish
Cuir – French
Cuoio – Italian
Couro – Portuguese
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Please make a donation to support this work. You may use the below. Minimum amount is $5.00. Any amount that is at least $5.00 is accepted. If you want to make a donation for more than $5.00, just increase the amount.