MCS Toolkit

     Everyone who has to deal with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) should have an MCS Toolkit with them or at least readily available. Everybody’s MCS Toolkit will differ, depending on what works for them; and depending on what they are sensitive to. The MCS Toolkit should contain Emergency Contact Numbers – those of your support group and those of your medical team. They should also contain notes reminding you what to do when you can’t think; and notes for what to do to reduce stress.

     The MCS Toolkit should also contain fragrance remediation/reduction tools. See Just Say No To Fragrance for more info. These tools might include:
Item Use Area
Baking Soda Helps get fragrance out of clothes Laundry
Vinegar Helps get fragrance out of clothes; Kills Mold Laundry; General cleaning
Borax Helps get fragrance out of clothes; Disinfectant Laundry; General cleaning
Vodka Dilute half with water and spray on clothes or other fabric surfaces to reduce fragrance Pre-Laundry; Car
Tea Bags Use the cheapest black tea bags you can find. Place dry tea bags in cupboards; on clothes (or in a bag full of clothes); in car; in room . The tea bags absorb odors. Pre-Laundry; Car; Lodging
Zeolite Place Zeolite Breather Bag any place you would place tea bags. Set in sun to recharge Pre-Laundry; Car; Lodging
Fragrace Free Soap and/or Shampoo For quickly washing your face; hands; and hair near your face in an emergency Bath
PhotoCatalytic Spray Spray a room or car that is getting adequate sunlight and leave for 12 hrs. A few applications should completely rid a room of any toxic odors. Car; Lodging
Air Filter Some air filters are portable Car; Lodging
Carbon Mask Wear on your face to filter the air you breathe. Carry an extra filter, in case the one in the mask gets perfumed General
Carbon Paper and/or Blankets Cover yourself; clothes; car seats; furniture with them. Line cupboards with Carbon Paper Pre-Laundry; General; Car; Furniture
Cedar shavings Leave in room; car to absorb fragrances. Spread on clothes (shake off before washing). Place in cupboards. Pre-Laundry; Car; Lodging