Just Say No to Fragrance!

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Soaps, Cleaners, Essential Oils, and Wellness Products sold by Kim Townsend. Personal products may contain fragrance, but Kim has MCS and does fine with some of them. Contact her for more information.
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Melissa Kaplan’s Unscented Products List Less Toxic Guide FDA – Ingredients of Cosmetic Products Toxics Information Project – Canary Corner
Earth Easy – Non-Toxic Home Cleaning
Keene State College – Green Cleaner Recipes
Fragrance Toxic Info Brochures

Baking Soda & Vinegar

To get smells out of clothes try a combination of baking soda and vinegar. The “volcano” action the produce in the laundry helps. Also, adding vinegar in the rinse helps get out baking soda, if you use too much in the wash. Soaking the clothes in baking soda and/or vinegar, before washing also helps. Baking Soda and Vinegar will get out many smells, but not all. Using baking soda and vinegar to get out smells is more of an art than a science. One way to buy baking soda cheaply is to order a large quantity (50 lb bag), at grocery stores that carry baking soda in the bulk section and that also give volume discounts. For the myriad of uses of Baking Soda and Vinegar, check out these web pages from Frugal Living: Uses for Baking Soda and Uses for Vinegar. Check out this article for 216 Mind-blowing Ways To Use Vinegar at A Passion for Cleaning.

Citrus Cleaners

Citrus Cleaners can be used to get the smells out in carpets and in clothes. Of course, with clothes you have to be careful not to stain them, and lemon juice might bleach them. There are a myriad of citrus cleaners out there – just search for Citrus Cleaners..


Baking Soda can also be used in the carpet to get out odors, but zeolite tends to work better. Zeolite also works well to keep smells out of shoes. Zeolite also works in the wash on clothes, but they may come out gritty. If Zeolite doesn’t work on your carpet, it might be best to remove the carpet. Tea bags and coffee grounds can also be used, but make sure they’re dry or you’ll end up with a stain. •  Refreshingly Free •  Allergy Store •  Nirvana Safe Haven – Zeolite •  Omni-Zorb

Laundry Soap

     •  Bio-Pac Oasis      •  Refreshingly Free      •  Baking Soda & Vinegar      •  Clearly Clean      •  Eucalan - for delicates      •  7 Heavens LLC - attaches to Washer so you don’t have to use soap.

Dryer Sheets

Proctor and Gamble makes Bounce, Downy, and Gain fabric sheets. All contain perfume except Bounce Free (according to the MSDS). Here are the MSDS: •  Bounce MSDS •  Bounce Free MSDS •  Downy MSDS •  Gain MSDS      Responsible Shopper tells more about Proctor and Gamble negative social and environmental impacts. It also tells more about P&G’s testing of products on animals.      I myself prefer not to use fabric softners.

Liquid (Spray) Odor Eliminators

     So, you’d rather spray away the odors? Febreze contains fragrance. Many Odor Eliminators for Pets don’t get out chemical smells. Here are some odor eliminators you can try for eliminating chemical odors:      •  Nirvana Safe Haven – Photo-catalytic Spray – Removes biological and chemical odors      •  Mary Ellen Products      •  Nok-Out      •  X-O      •  ForceOut

Mold & Mildew Eliminators; Bacterial Odor Eliminators

     •  National Allergy – Mold Control      •  Mildew Stain Away      •  EcoChem – Fungal Shield; Algae, Scum & Odor Control; Pet Area Deodorizer

Scent Free Body (Soap) & Hair Care (Shampoo) Products

Earth Soap My favorite Omega Nutrition My wife's favorite Califonia Baby We both use the shampoo Sungold Soap Specializing in low odor, unscented soap with a minimum of ingredients. Extremely well tolerated by many.
Terressentials Real Purity Aveeno
Dr. Bronner’s
Cardigan Mountain Ginger’s Garden Trillium Organics Dakota Free
Janice’s Refreshingly Free


     To cover smells in wood and fiber-board try using shellac to seal them in. Using handmade Shellac Flakes from Shellac.net (also known as Wood Finishing Supplies and Shellac.net). Handmade flakes or buttons have gone through the least amount of processing. The flakes are mixed with Denatured Alcohol (somewhat smelly until the shellac dries), although it is possible to use Gin, Vodka, or 200 Proof alcohol. Mix the shellac with alcohol and apply with a paintbrush. It takes three coats - the first is mixed 1/2 lb shellac to 1 gal of alcohol. The next two are mixed 3 lbs shellac to 1 gal of alcohol. Shellac can also be used to cover/seal wood floors, in which case you should strain the shellac through cheesecloth, and apply with a top-of-the-line paint brush - ask your paint store which one.

Primer Sealer

If shellac doesn’t do the trick, you may have to use a Primer/Sealer – more smelly until airs out, but seals better. Zinsser Bin Shellac Based Primer Sealer works well. Zinsser also carries water based and spray can versions, but these have more ingredients in them. Zinsser is available at most hardware stores. If you can’t tolerate Zinsser, you may be able to tolerate AFM Safecoat. You can purchase AFM from their dealers list. If you can’t tolerate AFM, you may be able to tolerate Zinsser Bin (it goes both ways). Either way, allow 3 days to 2 weeks for things to air out.

Vapor Barrier

Once you’ve covered things with shellac or primer sealer; and for those things you can’t cover with shellac or primer sealer, try vapor barrier. •  E.L. Foust •  AFS-Foil •  Nirvana Safe Haven

Air Filters

     If nothing else works, or on top of everything else, use an air filter. Some people prefer ozone generators to air filters. Some people say ozone is harmful to your health. Ozone will break down some chemicals. However, in the process you can create secondary products which are more harmful to your health than the initial products were. Still, in some situations, an ozone generator or blaster may be what you need. But, I’m only listing Air Filters here. There are also plants which clean the air.      •  E.L. Foust      •  Lifekind      •  Nirvana Safe Haven      •  AllerAir      •  Austin Air      •  Envirotech Products      •  Ecologix Environmental Systems      •  The Clean Bedroom      •  Sweetwater LLC      •  AirPuriferWiz – Air Purifier Reviews

Carbon Masks, Blankets, Fabric, Clothes

     •  I Can Breathe      •  E.L. Foust      •  Dream Essentials Escape Mask UK      •  Nirvana Safe Haven – Carbon Blankets and Fabric      •  Cannondale Bicycle Corp. – Carbon Clothing - Look for the L.E. Carbon Collection      •  37.5 – Carbon Clothing

SunScreens and Sunblocks

     Environmental Working Groups Safest SunScreen ratings      •  Coconut Oil – This is what Dale uses as a mild sunscreen and as a burn ointment.      •  California Baby      •  Alba Botanica      •  Baby Blanket Suncare      •  Vanicream      •  Blue Lizard      •  KINeSYS      •  Keys      •  UV Natural