Short-N-Sweet-N-Succulent Stories

by Dale Stubbart

Tired of the same old stories?
Dale Stubbart has a very different writing style.
Short: Condensed, yet full stories. It’s been said I can write a novel in one page. Easy Reading.
Sweet: Many are Love Stories. Language used is suitable for all ages.
Succulent: Humorous. Insightful.
You’ll feel like you’re right there in the story.

Science Fiction / Fantasy
Poetry / Shorts
Children’s Stories
Other Stories and Reference Books

Dale Stubbart
Good Clean Fun!

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Science Fiction / Fantasy

The Dancer Series

Sometimes she felt like she was living on a yo-yo. Flown towards the ground, then hovering there – a few inches away from the ground – before being spun back the other way and flown towards the sky, hovering there and then flown back towards the ground. From one extreme to the other – that was her life.

The Artist is included at the end of The Dancer II
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Every time they asked, his answer was always the same – “An Artist.”
Well, it wasn’t always the same. First, it was “An Artist!!!”, Then it was “An Artist!”, Finally, it was just “An Artist”. No explanation point, no period, no nothing. He still wanted to be an Artist, but now he answered “The President” or “An actor” or “An engineer” or sometimes “A bum” just to get their attention. But in his heart, he always answered “An Artist”.

Love Story
Parallel Universes
5 Stories In Series

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Her husband had gone to bed early the night before. That was a little unusual for him, but not too unusual. So she just got ready for bed in the dark and crawled into her side of the bed to go to sleep. She had trouble sleeping because it was so cold. She tried pulling the blanket more tightly around herself, but to no avail. She would have gotten up and turned up the heat, but she was too tired. Finally out of exhaustion, she fell asleep, shivering.

Spontaneous Freezing $5.55

Life Beacons

Lian often wondered what purpose there was to his life. Not that he ever considered ending it. It just seemed like there could be so much more to his life. It seemed like he was capable of so much more. People really liked the kind of work that Lian did. He was bored with it, but people saw that he was really good at it, so they kept him doing that work and wouldn’t let him do other kinds of work.

Space Travel
Life Purpose

Ribo Quadrilobe in: The Healer is Judged
An Exercise in Excurses*
A Revival Revealment Story**

My name is Ribo Quadrilobe, and I am the investigator on case 3457-PS-007. This case accuses Dr. Hannah Harvester of using Spiritual Healing in the Medical Profession. If found guilty, Dr. Harvester will surely be in violation of World Directive #40 (WD40) which keeps spiritual practices separate from physical practices – such as medicine. WD40 allows those who work in physical practices to believe and even pray (and/or meditate) while at these practices. But, it forbids them from using belief and prayer (and/or meditation) to augment (or as a substitute for) the physical processes in their work.
*Excurse – An Excursion of the Mouth
**Revival Revealment – Opposite of Murder Mystery

One World Gov't
Church vs State
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The Year Santa Claus Gave Gold

Facilitator LadeBack’s Official report thru his computer Shrieky:
That was the year our All Cosmos Vehicle (ACV) crashed. We were circling the earth, that old planet Terry. Or at least it looked like Terry. We never have been sure. It looked like Terry, but there was a strange yellow hue to it. Not to Terry itself, but more to the atmosphere. Of course there could have been something wrong with our sensors. Diagnostics were offline at the time (we were running diagnostics on the diagnostics). Diagnostics are enough to make a preacher become agnostic. Shrieky delete that last line (ShrD). Rare-N, my senior, from Togo, would’ve retorted, I always knew dice were agnostic. ShrD.

Space Travel
Parallel Worlds

Shalomar – The Fall from Glory

“I’m running pretty low on fuel. I’d better see if there’s a suitable star/planet combination around here to fuel up at. Here we go – PDK132 – 3rd planet.”
The ship pulled up to the 3rd planet of the star PDK132, right at the magneto-pole. In 10 minutes there would be a solar flare, and that energy would be intercepted, this time, by a star ship rather than by the planet’s magnetosphere.
“There we go, the gauge goes up and everything’s hunky-dory. Oh, no! What’s that?!”
“Fire in the starboard engine. Woop, Woop, Woop!!”

Space Travel
Love Story


William couldn’t believe that it was finally over with Diana. Sure, she had told him it was over several times during the last two weeks. But he couldn’t believe this was actually it. Nor could he bring himself to believe that he would never see her again. But here she was packing up her few belongings and getting ready to move.
Diana had just finished placing the last box on the carrying pallet. When she turned back to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything, William reached down and attached a tiny magnetic wrench to the bottom of the pallet. “There”, he thought, “that should make it too heavy for her to carry, and I’ll get to carry it for her and I won’t have to say goodbye just yet”.


Aumanil’s – A History

Sometimes I forget to think with the angel-half of my brain.
But it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, God – Torngasak created Angels, Demons, and Humans. Each race lived happily in their own domain, fairly ignorant of and for the most part totally disinterested in the others. The Angels – Anernerk lived in Heaven – Kuviasungnerk (Joy), the Demons – Tonrar in the Abyss – Ningarnert (Anger), and the Humans – Nutara on Earth – Nerriungnerk (Hope).

Other World

3 Story Package

Irregular Verbs

Just Like
Down Home

The Last American President

Irregular Verbs

The email was signed:
The half-life of an irregular verb is inversely proportional to the square root of its usage frequency.

Just Like Down Home

Joel was having a wonderful evening. After work, he came home and shared a wonderful meal with his family. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Black-Eyed Peas and a Mess O’ Greens. For desert there was Pecan Pie a la mode with some Green Tea to wash it down. The conversation with his wife Mariah and daughter Sydney was very joyful and uplifting. They talked about their hopes and dreams and how when they got to heaven they were all going to be in the parade, every day.
Quite a change from two days before when they were fighting and screaming at each other. That food fight was some of the best fun they’d ever had, quite therapeutic, to say the least. Sydney had even got into the name calling with her “You purple-headed, yellow-bodied, fly-eating toad!”.
But this conversation about their hopes and dreams was even better than therapeutic.

The Last American President

Paul loaded the software from Now he could surf the web anonymously. No more government prying into his private affairs. When Paul was young, the fear had been that Big Business would pry into his private affairs. Big Business hired hackers and identity thieves, so that people would fear them more than Big Business. But the people weren’t stupid. Soon they turned to places like MySafeSpace where they could enter private chatrooms, even the CIA couldn’t penetrate.

Other World


When people were on the outs with society, they usually ended up at our place, known to our guests as Mary & Joe’s. Whether they were sent here by friends, came on their own, or were forced here by the rest of the society, we usually never knew. But they were always welcome at our place and we tried as best we could to heal the rifts they felt toward society, and to prepare them to integrate back into society.

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Dragon’s Tears

Ronald slowly started to lift himself off his pallet. Because Ronald hadn’t moved in a very long time, the first few inches were an immense struggle. Then Ron smoothly, quickly lifted himself the rest of the way off the pallet, as Ronald lay back down. Ron walked up and out of the depths where Ronald was again sleeping and went off to find anything he could bring back – money, food, or news. These were the only commodities back in the pit. Ron would ignore everything else.

Alternate Reality
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Poetry and Other Shorts

Baah’d Poems and Other Shorts

Calli Fragi Woman Cracks Virtual Meeting –
An idea who’s time has come
Selfish Me
Medicine Chest Fete On Hold To Music –
An idea who’s time has come
Purple Cow –
Extension of the original poem
The Ergomnible Miceboard –
An idea who’s time has come
Peace Calls The Drop Out How to Talk Turkey

Ode to a Roach – Poem with Diatribe

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Children’s Stories

Moose Feather

Davey thought the other kids at The Community were distant. Of course, Davey wasn’t his real name. His real name was Moose Feather, but somehow he preferred Davey. Moose Feather was the name given to him by the elders of The Community. Everybody who entered The Community was given a name, although they didn’t have to use it.

Community Life
Coming of Age
Time Travel
For Young Teens
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Piles – Children’s Poem


Prince Pugawulamukapee

Below the lichen, down under the moss, there is the magic land of Trusvariankoponomy. Here, in Trusvariankoponomy, where anything is possible, lives Prince Pugawulamukapee who can have anything he wants. But there’s one wee problem.

For Children of All Ages 1-1001 $5.55

Run for your Life! The Huggers are Coming!

Bob and Dilly had played that day for hours and hours. They played trucks, and hide and seek, and tag, and trucks, and hide from the invisible monster, and chase, and trucks, and neat things like that. They played until Dilly’s mom called for him to come home.

Three Wee Poemees

Squiggly Swirl
Sweet as Pumpking Pie
Turn into Zee’s

Bedtime $5.55

Other Stories and Reference Books

Browse The Book of Life and Other Restaurants I’ve Dreamed of

I’d driven by this new restaurant lately. “Browse and Bask – Restaurant and Sun Bar”; read the sign. Intriguing name; and just what was a Sun Bar? Then I’d pull into one of my favorite restaurants and then go back to work. Seems like I was noticing this restaurant mostly when I was at lunch, looking for some place to eat. One of these days I’ll stop in there and check it out, I’d think to myself. But it never happened.

Food $5.55

The Beauty of Sleeping – A Sleep Aid

I remember when I was about 4. Everyday, I’d go in the backyard, and climb to the top of our 30 foot tall Apple tree. It was so pleasant up there, gently swaying in the breeze, and I felt so secure situated as I was surrounded by the limbs of that tree. What I remember in particular about that experience is hearing my mother calling my name, and realizing that I’d been sleeping.

Sleep $5.55
Godology 101

Godology 101 – A theoretical course syllabus

Dear Student,
Welcome to the new school of Godology. Whereas Theology schools focus on religion, the school of Godology focuses on God.
This course – God 101 – is a course on what/who God is. This course discusses different aspects of God to give you a general idea of what/who God is. God 101 is a Pass/Fail course. In order to pass, you must consider all the information presented and present a paper discussing what/who God might be; ending with the conclusion that nobody really knows what/who God is. Any person (angels excluded) concluding that they know what/who God is, will fail.


The Restless Soul

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump.
I jump awake. What was that thumping sound? Oh well, no time for that, I’ve got more important problems to solve. 2+2 is 4 – No, not that kind – really important problems. And off my mind races.

Problem Solver

WWTD – What Would Terry Do

Just for example, suppose you’re in a health food store trying to decide which brand of soymilk to try. (Never mind, why you’re in the health food store looking for soymilk, just stick with the story.) You figure you have some choices. First, you can just grab the first one you see or the one with the catchiest advertisement. Or you can read all the ingredients and try to figure it out scientifically.
Today, you’d like to take a different path.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

The Word of the Rose

A Rose by any other name, is still the cutest flower in the whole petunia patch!
Rose brings to mind the flower, we often forget the thorns. Rose, is also a color – a dark pink to moderate red. Rose is also a perforated nozzle for spraying or sprinkling water, used for watering, among other things – Roses.


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