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The Pledge to Create a New World
     I am fed up with this world! So, I have determined that I will create my own world and live therein! To that end, therefore, I make this pledge.

     Recognizing that I am only human, and as such will at times fall short of the task, fall off the wagon, royally screw up and make a total mess of things, and that there are other constraints on my life over which I have no control;
     Nevertheless, I Pledge to create a New World by performing the following inasmuch as possible:
     Define my world: My world will be full of light. In my world all will be treated fairly and nicely. In my world, the resources will be taken care of and used wisely. My world is where I will invest my time and energy. My world will be where I invest my money. My world will be a place of joy. My world will be balanced. My world will be a place where I am a leader. My world be a place of peace and will protect those therein – their life, their security, their health. My world will not be exclusionistic – others will be let into my world. My world will be a model others can follow to create their own world, and my world will be happy to assist them in doing so. As I continue to learn, I will continue to refine and hone this definition in order to create a more perfect world.
     Let light into my world: I will be fair and open and honest. I will be true to myself and to others. I will value all my emotions. I will strive to abolish secrecy, suspicion, and prejudice.
     Treat people fairly: I will be nice to myself and treat myself with respect. I will be nice to others and treat them with respect. I will value human rights above business and government rights. I will value the rights of all humans. I will pay others fairly for their services and demand that they pay me fairly for mine. I will recognize the talents of others and not take advantage of their talents. I will ask that they do likewise for me. I will give people a chance. I will appreciate what others have to share and will share what I have to share.
     Take care of resources: I will not pollute and will rid my world of petrochemicals and other pollutants. I will use my world’s resources wisely and not to excess. I will reduce, reuse, recycle. I will practice the Precautionary Principle1a. I will practice the Cradle-to-Cradle principle of eco-effectiveness1b.
     Invest my time and energy: I will invest time and energy in myself and in those people and things that are of value to me. I will not invest time and energy in the detriment of myself and others. I will invest my time and energy with those who are seeking a better world.
     Invest finances: I will be fiscally responsible and financially independent2. I will only buy from companies that are local, socially responsible3, or practice fair trade4. I will only buy organic. I will limit my investments to socially responsible companies, local lenders, community lenders, micro-lenders, and non-profits I am familiar with and who share my values. I will seek prosperity for all.
     A place of joy: I will do what I enjoy. I will stop doing those things I don’t enjoy. I will only be entertained by entertainment that I enjoy. I will give music its proper place in my world. I will dance and sing. I will work at a career I enjoy. I will have humor in my world. I will make others laugh. I will let my happy inner child out to enjoy the day.
     Balance: I will use both sides of my brain – left and right – art and logic. I will equally value concerns for the earth, concerns for people, concerns for spiritual matters, and concerns for creativity – education and art5. I will live life spiritually as well as physically. I will value my own endeavors in art, learning, spiritual experiences, helping people and the earth. I will value the endeavors of others in those areas. I will not deny anyone the chance to grow in any of those areas.
     I will be a leader: I will not take a side-line, but will be a leader in my world. I will define projects, allocate resources, lay out the steps needed to complete the project, be a team leader, and bring projects to completion and into reality. I will communicate to others what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. I will listen to others. I will notice others talents. I will bring others into the team, and help them see their value to the team. I will seek to work with others to build my world, rather than building it alone.
     Peace and Protection: Those in my world will have their life, security, and health valued and protected. Everyone will be allowed to protect their life, security, and health in the manner that works best for them. There will be peace in my world. I will not let violence into my world. My world will not be a place of fear. I will actively seek peace for my world.
     Let Others in: I will open my world to others and let them into my world. My world will retain it’s proper boundaries, but will still let others in. They can stay for as long as they like, so long as they don’t seek to destroy my world.
     A Model World: I will show others my world. I will learn from building my world and will share that knowledge with others so they may build their own world. My world may not be perfect, but it will be mine. And so long as I try and stick to the guidelines in the definition and keep learning and growing and perfecting my world, it will be close enough to perfect.
     Refining and Honing this Definition: A creator’s work is never done.

     Come, let’s define a better world and seek to create it and live therein.

1a More info at Environmental Research Foundation.
1b Cradle-To-Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.
2 A good method for financial independence is outlined by Joe Dominguez in Your Money or Your Life. Sounds True.
3 For socially responsible companies, refer to Co-op America’s Responsible Shopper’s Guide.
4 Fair trade stores such as Ten Thousand Villages.
5 For networking in and across areas of concern see Yellow Bear Journey.

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