Escape from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Is there an escape from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities)? We lived with MCS for 20 years believing that short of a miracle, there was no escape from MCS. The best you could do was escape from society, get as healthy as possible, and suffer as few chemical exposures as possible. We lived with MCS for a few more years and started to believe that escape from MCS is possible. If there is an escape from MCS, we’ll never go back to a life that is filled with chemicals. We’ll still avoid chemicals as much as possible. But, perhaps we won’t have to avoid others who are exposed to them.
We offer this resource directory of non-toxic and fragrances-free resources, since even if you do escape from Chemical Sensitivities, you’ll still want to support a less-toxic world. It’s healthier for the planet and all its inhabitants, especially you.

For more information on escaping from MCS see:
Dr Klinghardt’s 5 levels of healing. According to Dr Klinghardt, there are 5 levels of healing. In order to heal you have to address the root on the level it’s at – physical, emotional, etc.
MCS Treatment Tips
Twelve Golden Rules a Person with MCS must follow to Slowdown the Progression of MCS, so that He or She Can Enjoy a Very Long Productive Life By Rabin Prusty, MSCE
Live a relatively normal life style - From The Natural Place
Testimonials of Recovery – Scroll past the leaky gut syndrome part to get to the recovery stuff
Dr. Ziem’s Chemical Injury Treatment Protocol
MCS International – Bringing the hidden dangers of modern synthetic chemicals out into the Light worldwide
The Environmental Illness Resource
Holistic Help – Life Management for Living with Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain. Free Newsletter, Advice and Inspiration
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities; A Survivor’s Guide

What works for one does not always work for all. First, escape from the chemicals, so that you have a chance to recover. Then follow the regimen that seems right to you. If you can find a doctor to work with, all the better.
Another way to escape from all these chemicals is to stop their proliferation. Pursue Activism. Who knows, it may release some suppressed anger.
This one claims to be The Cure for all Diseases. – Judge for yourself.

Until you totally escape MCS, I’ve provided this website of resources to help you escape from the chemicals. Hope it helps.

Towards Recovery!

Ways to Deal with Stress

Doctor’s Etc. Lists
Environmental Health Network
Lassen Technologies

Law Offices of Michael Pines – Chemical Injuries
MCS Legal Help

What Would Terry Do Traveling with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Make Your Home Free of Toxic Chemicals

Miscellaneous Links - which may also be useful to those with MCS

MCS Bulletin Boards
The Environmental Health Center - Dallas - has a "Chemical Sensitivity" chat room
The Chat Board at ToxBoard (part of Tox Law): Discussions of toxic tort litigation

MCS Listgroups
Immune Web

MCS Communities MCS Groups; No Spray Zones; Fragrance Free Zones

Other Lists of MCS Resources
MCS Housing; Communities; and Lodging
Lassen’s List
ME & FM Manual – Gulf War Syndrome Resource List
CFS Nova – CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue) Resources
FMS Community – Fibromyalgia Resources

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