Shopping Green

     These are the companies we shop at, or would shop at if we were rich enough. These businesses fall into one of the following categories: Green/Organic, Fair Trade, Really Well Designed Items, and/or Hard-To-Find Items.*
     If you’re looking for something specific, such as Organic Cotton Clothes, I have many more links of companies we shop at, or would shop at, at MCS Escape that are more organized. The links on this page do not fit into any category on MCS Escape, or are a sampling of links found on MCS Escape.
     This has nothing to do with golf, other than the picture

*   From The Pledge to Create a New World
     My world will be where I invest my money:
       I will try my best to only buy from companies that are local, socially responsible, or practice fair trade. I will only buy organic. I will limit my investments to socially responsible companies, local lenders, community lenders, micro-lenders, and non-profits I am familiar with and who share my values. I will seek prosperity for all.
Look here for many more green shopping resources.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Resources.
Books; Bookshelves; Bedding; Cabinets; Clothes; Directory; Fabric/Material; Filters; Home and Garden; Towels
Green Directory Look here for many more green resources.
Travel Going Greener Green Travel Tips No matter what your vehicle!
Better World Club Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel. Out to change more than just tires. Travel Assistance
Better World Handbook The definitive guide for the average person wanting to make a positive difference in the world. Directory
Brookstone Hard to Find Tools Tools
Chinaberry Books and Other Treasures for the Whole Family Books
Diamond Organics The Organic Food Catalog Food
EcoBusinessLinks The First Green Directory 100% Wind Energy powered through wind credits. Directory
EcoMall A Place to Help Save the Earth. EcoMall: Enlightened Living: organic, natural, earth friendly, non toxic, health, green, environmental products, meditation, yoga, sustainable, recycled, hemp, solar. Directory
Flax art & design Gifts Gifts
Food For Thought Gifts that matter for the people who make a difference in your life Food
Frontgate Outfitting America’s Finest Homes Home and Garden
Gaiam Simple Choices making a difference Bedding; Clothes; Filters; Lights; Towels
Garuda International Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Goods Apparel; Body Care; Books; Gifts; Baskets; Food; Paper; Health Care Products; Hemp Products; Garden; Home
Gourmet Body Treats A 100% organic, vegan, co-op America approved, and non-animal tested cosmetics company. Started in 2000 this family owned company is dedicated to developing dermatologically sound cosmetics ranging from soaps and shaving creams to foundation and lipstick. Coming in a wide variety of shades and scents that are sure to entice the senses or completely scent free. Gourmet for your body, organic for your soul. Cosmetics
Green Feet Eco-Friendly Products for Everyday Living Bedding; Clothes; Home & Garden; Towels
The Green Providers Directory – U.K. Helping you search for green goods and services. Books, Magazines, Charities, Clothing, Financial, Gifts, Gadgets, Green Energy, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Services, Travel, Wines
Hammacher Schlemmer Living Well Gifts
Happy Planet, A Organic Fibers for Every Day and Every Night Books; Clothes; Directory; Food; Home & Garden
Honeycombs Industries 100% pure, alcohol FREE herbal extracts &amp vitamins. Vitamins/Herbs/Supplements
Isabella Books and Gifts for Reawakening the Spirit Books
Kwytza Kraft Products made with Recycled Chopsticks Lamps, Magazine Racks, Bowls, Bags, Jewelry, etc.
Lifekind Organic and Naturally Safer Products Bedding; Filters
Lighthouse Catalog, The Visionary Solutions Gifts; Home and Garden
MaxiAids Thousands of Products Especially Designed for the Blind, Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Arthritic, Physically Challenged… and Much More. Tools
Meadows, From the Organic Body Care Soap/Shampoo/Cleaning Products
Dr. Mercola Products for your Health Supplements, Misc., Food
Natural Living Supplements, Air/Water/Shower Filters, Allergy Vacuum Cleaners, Discounted. Filters
Nature Sense Organic cruelty free, natural skin care products - including hair care, body wash, natural deodorants, mother and baby, herbal remedies for acne, eczema and many more. Hair Care, Body Wash, Natural Deodorants, Herbal Remedies
Paper Umbrella, The Home of the world’s most beautiful umbrellas and parasols || Paper and Cotton Bamboo Framed Umbrellas Umbrellas
Melody Poole
ONE Group Independent Representative
Creators of the World’s First Certified Organic skin, hair, cosmetic and nutrition products Soap/Shampoo, Cosmetics
Plow & Hearth Outdoor Living
Yard & Garden
Country Home
Home and Garden
Rosie Hippos Wooden Toys, Books, Games, & Music. We bring wood things to life. Books; Toys
Signals Gifts that Enlighten and Entertain.
Supporting Public Television.
Solutions Products that Make Life Easier Home and Garden
Sounds True Wisdom for the Inner Life Books
SunDog Natural Body Care Products Soap/Shampoo/Cleaning Products
SunOrganic Farm Your Lifeline to Better Health.
I thought organic food tasted good before I tasted SunOrganic Farms food. Now I know it can taste even better!'
Sustainable Village Mainly fair-trade items, organic, and made with renewable energy Gifts
Swanson Vitamins
Swanson Health Products is committed to delivering new, innovative and affordable products to aid your health and well-being.
The lowest prices I’ve found yet.
Taraluna Changing the World One Purchase at a Time Clothes; Fair Trade
Vermont Country Store, The Purveyors of the Practical & Hard-to-Find Clothes; Gifts; Home and Garden
Windbrella The umbrella with distinction that leaves the competition blowing in the wind ™. Umbrellas

     Green Vendors – If you’d like to be added to a Green Directory - please contact us.
     This directory is closed. We are not adding vendors to this directory. But we have other directories where we still add green vendors.