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Travel Tips

The safest way to travel is to go in your own safe car or RV to a destination that has a safe place to stay. This is not always possible, though, so here are some tips to help you have an MCS safe trip.

Joy!: Imagine you’re going someplace wonderful – like Hawaii or Tahiti! Look forward to your trip! Keep a positive attitude. If you find yourself in a toxic situation for which there is no solution, keep repeating to yourself (or outloud), &l";I don’t know what to do, but somebody does and it’s ok.&r";

Airlines: If flying by airplane, try to avoid international flights. Some International Flights are sprayed with pesticides and/or lysol before landing. That’s correct, they spray the plane while you’re sitting in it. At least one project is underway to kill insects on the plane without using pesticides, after the passengers have departed, last estimate was that would not be implemented until 2010 at the earliest.
Contact the airline and let them know you have breathing/respiratory problems. Use a Mask, and if possible, get your naturopathic physician or other health practitioner to write you a prescription for a respirator for you to use. Get the respirator in plenty of time for it to air out. Spraying it with vodka, will help it air out. Some people do well with Oxygen, but airlines require you to use their oxygen tanks.
Nirvana Safe Havensells Carbon Paper, Fabric, and Blankets. Put a Carbon Blanket over you (or wrap around you if not too awkward). If the fumes get to be too much, pull the blanket up over your face. Carbon fabric can be used as a headscarf. Carbon Paper can be placed in your wallet to take the smell out. You can also wrap your carry-on’s with carbon paper or fabric. To avoid wearing all black and to avoid getting carbon (black) under your fingernails, you can put the carbon blankets/fabric/paper in other material, but I find that less effective. Alternatively, take a fingernail file with you and pretend you’re a movie star or other important person.
Take as little carry-on luggage as possible. Line the luggage you’re stowing in the luggage compartment of the plane, with aluminum foil. Place everything in plastic bags, then put them in your suitcase. Bio-degradable plastic bags usually do not have any smell. If you have to have carry-on luggage, place it in the overhead compartment, which will usually remain closed during the flight.
Rather than taking any luggage, ship everything to your destination. Line the boxes with Denny Foil. This will also save you from having to wait in line to check your luggage.
Wear layers, so you can remove the outer layer which will be the most perfumed.
Try to get a Window Seat. Aisle seats get the most traffic. Also try to get a seat away from the engines and the bathroom. If you end up in the aisle seat, just put on our mask, and then ask the person sitting at the window if you can switch 😁
Go to the restroom before you get on the plane. The ones on the plane can be highly fragrant. Also, drink as little as possible without getting dehydrated, so you don’t have to go on the airplane.
If you take something which helps your immune system – Glutathione, B-12, Vitamin C, etc., take it as often as you can during your trip.

Lodging: See Lodging. There’s a questionnaire at that link to help you think of questions to ask of the place you want to stay. There are also MCS safe places to stay at that link. If the place isn’t completely safe, you may want to ship an air filter to your destination. You may also need to get some vodka once you get there to spray to make the air more breathable. Note: vodka is flamable, so shipping it is not recommended. And, if possible, you may want to open a window at your place of lodging.

Rental Cars: See Travel – Cars. Contact a “Used Car Rental Company”, and ask if they can provide you with a car which is smoke-free. If they say yes, explain that fragrances make you sick, and is there any way that they can provide you with a fragrance-free car. Alternatively, ask them if they can ozone the car for you (at your expense), and set it aside for a week before you get there.

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